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  • What To Do When...

    August 26th, 2014

    Blowing out a tyre can be a scary experience, especially if this is your first time dealing with it. However, with some simple techniques, you can get to the side of the road safely and get assistance before causing an accident or getting harmed in the process. If you are driving and hear a popping sound, or suddenly feel as [...]

  • Critical Questi...

    August 25th, 2014

    Buying a car hoist for your garage can be a great way to make your projects easier. Before you go out and buy one for your garage, however, you should ask yourself these questions so that you can choose the right one for your situation.
    How Much Space Do You Have?
    Vehicle hoists come in all different sizes, from those that are [...]

  • How To Replace ...

    August 20th, 2014

    Diesel engines are known for their sheer power and better mileage per gallon. With the increasing cost of petrol, your SUV could be very expensive to run. Replacing the petrol engine with a diesel engine is an exciting exercise that will give you better fuel economy.
    Calculate the Cost
    Before you consider replacing your engine, you need to calculate the cost of [...]

  • Repaint Chipped...

    August 18th, 2014

    If you drive a smaller car, you may have been involved in a small traffic accident that has resulted in sections of your paint becoming chipped. Small cars are impacted more by accidents because they are lightweight compared to larger models. Fortunately, you can repair the chipped areas on your own with a few automotive materials. After taking your time [...]

Design and Function

man holding engine

Every car was built to fit a purpose, whether that be cheap transportation, luxurious comfort, raw power, or cargo capacity. The purpose of the car is determined by the design of the engine, the suspension for the wheels, and the interior space. A sedan or compact is built for pavement, having a low suspension. A cheaper sedan has a smaller engine with less power output, while a more expensive sedan has a bigger engine. A sport utility vehicle handles more rough terrain with a higher suspension, and can hold between five and eight people for more passenger and cargo space.



Strapping more weight in an unwieldy cargo space to your car can create performance problems both for the driver and the vehicle. Whether you are towing a cargo trailer, a recreation trailer, or a flatbed trailer, your entire vehicle will most likely double in length and require a much wider turning radius. Someone with little to no experience towing a trailer should not be driving alone. Most utility trucks and SUVs come with their own towing kit and hitch, but sedans usually need one installed to properly adapt to a trailer.

Small Motors

Almost every motor needs a transmission, and that includes the smaller motors found in quad bikes, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. These smaller motors usually have only one or two cylinders, and therefore output less power. However, because of the lighter weight of the overall vehicle, they are capable of speeds similar to that of a car, though they often go slower depending on the terrain. These motors are far more fuel efficient than car motors, but because they carry less fuel in the tank, they require refuelling just as often.