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    March 11th, 2014

    Most auto owners can handle minor replacements or repairs when it comes to their vehicle. There is always a point, however, when the damage goes beyond amateur experience and needs to be taken to an expert. How do you know when the crack in your windscreen is more than you can handle on your own?
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    February 27th, 2014

    If you are in charge of organizing transportation for a large group of people, you may run into two different terms when it comes to researching rentals. The two different terms in Sydney are bus hire or coach services. Luckily these words typically mean the same thing and are often interchangeable.
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    February 27th, 2014

    Many motorists including those who fix their own cars realize that newer cars have a lot more technology in them. When the technology is working right, the car is safer, easier to drive, and more convenient. However, when the technology fails, it can be very difficult for someone without advanced electronics training to fix problems related to the electrical system [...]

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    February 24th, 2014

    Every so often you require heavy haulage of goods across two points. Attempts to handle the task on your own may be costly and/or risky. The task is best left to the professional haulage companies like Russell Transport. They are well equipped to attend to the task at an affordable rate and with minimal risk. To get the best company, [...]

Design and Function

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Every car was built to fit a purpose, whether that be cheap transportation, luxurious comfort, raw power, or cargo capacity. The purpose of the car is determined by the design of the engine, the suspension for the wheels, and the interior space. A sedan or compact is built for pavement, having a low suspension. A cheaper sedan has a smaller engine with less power output, while a more expensive sedan has a bigger engine. A sport utility vehicle handles more rough terrain with a higher suspension, and can hold between five and eight people for more passenger and cargo space.



Strapping more weight in an unwieldy cargo space to your car can create performance problems both for the driver and the vehicle. Whether you are towing a cargo trailer, a recreation trailer, or a flatbed trailer, your entire vehicle will most likely double in length and require a much wider turning radius. Someone with little to no experience towing a trailer should not be driving alone. Most utility trucks and SUVs come with their own towing kit and hitch, but sedans usually need one installed to properly adapt to a trailer.

Small Motors

Almost every motor needs a transmission, and that includes the smaller motors found in quad bikes, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. These smaller motors usually have only one or two cylinders, and therefore output less power. However, because of the lighter weight of the overall vehicle, they are capable of speeds similar to that of a car, though they often go slower depending on the terrain. These motors are far more fuel efficient than car motors, but because they carry less fuel in the tank, they require refuelling just as often.